Charles T. Hiltunen


Charles T. Hiltunen, III, Principal

Charles (Charlie) Hiltunen is the Founding Principal for The Third House and has been active in government affairs since 1983, when he began as a legislative field coordinator for the Insurance Institute of Indiana.  In that position, he represented the property/casualty insurance industry before the Indiana General Assembly and coordinated legislative, regulatory, and media activities.

In 1986, Mr. Hiltunen joined a former Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives in private practice to provide multi-client government affairs services.  This entity united with the law firm of Baker & Daniel to become known as Sagamore-Bainbridge.

Mr. Hiltunen represented clients on issues such as health care, insurance, telecommunications, business, and international affairs.  Representation included major corporations, trade and professional associations, and the British Government.  Additionally, he managed associations such as the Indiana Academy of Ophthalmology and the Indiana Forum for Fair Liability Laws.

During his tenure at Sagamore-Bainbridge, Mr. Hiltunen also served as Director of Operations for the Indiana Cable Television Association. His responsibilities included the day-to-day operations, as well as governmental and regulatory affairs.

In 1994, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives requested Mr. Hiltunen to serve as Counsel to the House Majority Caucus.  In that capacity, Mr. Hiltunen advised the Speaker and House and members on procedural matters, substantive interpretation of legislation, and assisted with political and legislative affairs. He organized and coordinated the office of the Majority Attorney and was responsible for the coordination of activities on the floor of the House, parliamentary procedure, agenda development, amendment drafting, and the automation of the legislative process.

Mr. Hiltunen returned to private practice in 1995 and has continued to be a seasoned veteran on both political and procedural aspects of legislative and regulatory affairs in Indiana. Mr. Hiltunen also serves as Vice President for Government Affairs for Sextons Creek, a government affairs and strategic communications firm.