Government Relations


The Third House’s full-time, round-the-clock monitoring and lobbying services enable clients to become proactive participants in both the legislative and regulatory process. Whether it is drafting legislation, providing legislative procedural and research analysis, identifying and building winning constituents with fellow interest groups, or preparing appropriate legislative messages and strategies, The Third House has the expertise and knowledge base to fully execute and deliver key client successes.

Administrative & Regulatory Proceedings:
The Third House represents clients in administrative and regulatory proceedings. Given that the majority of businesses are heavily regulated by some form of government, The Third House routinely monitors and lobbies on rules, regulations and administrative mandates affecting our client’s business operations.

Regulatory Management & Collaboration:
The Third House staff has strong leadership and communication skills honed by years of interpretation and implementation of regulatory compliance with State/Federal regulations and standards. We specialize in strategic development of planning and participation in determining policy and procedures of regulatory affairs.

Issue Management:
The Third House provides advice for the specific client issue as to how it will be affected by both the political climate as well as other issues expected to be legislative priorities.

Strategic Public Policy:
The Third House principals resolve federal, state and local public policy issues with an identified strategic approach. By developing such a strategic outline, the client is better able to understand the process, track the process, and measure success in realistic terms.